“I have 2 boys aged 4 and 5 and both of them have known Brooke for several years through their nursery and school . I think the fact that my 5 year old asked for Brooke to do the entertainment at his latest birthday party says it all. All the children enjoyed the Superhero adventure Brooke took them on. She is creative, caring and personable and most importantly knows how to engage a room of children of varying ages.

My youngest son asks every Monday and Tuesday morning, 'is it Brooke today?'. When I say yes he is very happy and goes straight to his seat to join the fun. I often want to stay for the class myself!

Entertaining kids is a talent which requires energy, imagination, patience and a genuine love of children. Brooke has it all.”
- Parent, N19

“My daughter attended Little Supernovas between the ages of 2.5 to 5. She settled in to the activity very quickly and looked forward every week to her magical adventure. Brooke has an unique understanding of how to appeal to children's vivid imagination and each session was packed with fun and laughter. As the children contribute their ideas to the adventure, my daughter's own storytelling skills were encouraged to develop. Highly recommended.”
- Parent, SW16

“I went with my eldest daughter for about 2 ½ years, when we lived in London, and my second child used to come along too. I liked it because it was unlike anything else I did, it was so imagination based. It was a bit wacky, and it felt just a bit different. Brooke is amazing, and the kids all absolutely adore her. She has a unique understanding of how to appeal to children's vivid imagination. The response is amazing, and it is just so much freer than other things I tried, and the sessions were packed with fun and laughter. The children contributed their ideas to the adventure, and decided what they would be doing, and this enthuses them. It does wonders for their confidence, and my daughter's story-telling skills were encouraged to develop.”
- Parent, Croydon

“I really like how Little Supernovas is individualised and responsive to children. Brook, who runs the sessions, has an amazing connection with the children. There is a dynamic process between them and her which creates fantastic storytelling. Clearly, the sessions have an amazing structure to them, Brook has a soundtrack which she has already made before the session, but it really doesn't feel planned at all. The children feel everything starts with them and they direct the story with their ideas. We went to Little Supernovas once a week for two years and also did a Summer School. My children both really like Brook and that she listens to their ideas and involves them.”
- Parents, E17

“Magical! Brooke Laing has touched our lives in a very special way. Her energy, passion and creativity transform an ordinary room into an adventure. It was an amazing thing to see my quiet and shy child transformed into a story teller, dancer, actor - a performer! Everyone has commented on his new found confidence, and he found it here at Little Supernovas - amazing, thank you Brooke.”
- Dani, Early Years Advisor

“A truly creative vision that ignites children’s imaginations”
- Early Years Foundation Stage Co-ordinator N6

“ I thought your session was brilliant. The work you did to stretch the children's imagination was inspirational. Keep up the good work!”
- Fiona Byers Children's & Youth Assistant Librarian Upper Norwood Library

“ The children loved every minute of it. Well done and thank you!"
- Parent SW16

"I really wanted to say an absolutely MASSIVE thank you for all your hardwork at my daughters 5th Party. She absolutely loved it and all her friends had the best time too".

"I notice that you are extra ordinarily gifted at engaging children in your crazy stories and I love that you don't patronise them but use just normal language and issues (recycling etc!), they were utterly transfixed throughout the whole session you ran and they had such fun - it was a joy to see."
- Parent SE19

"I was swept away by Brooke Laing's fluid storytelling approach and creation of what I can only describe as magic from absolutely nowwhere"
- Carlos Nadie, The Transmitter, SE19

"Brooke is the modern day version of Mary Poppins!!"
- Parent E1

"Brooke is just very dramatic - she is always dramatic. And she wrote the best musical 'Amazon Rainforest' her friend Nick wrote the music for all the songs. It is one of the best things I have done while I've been here."
- Gillies, Year 2 Avenue Nursery and Pre-prep School, Age 7

"My son's confidence has improved dramatically since attending Brooke's classes. Initially he needed me by his side during the class, but now I hardly get a backwards glance!"
- Parent N5

“This session was lovely, very creative. Brooke was fantastic at attracting children's attention by using different material, outfits, musical instruments and recorded music. I loved the ballet shoes she had! Really an inspiring session, thank you"
- Parent SW16

“Thank you so much for your creative summer school - thoroughly uplifting for us all”
- Parent SE19

"During the creative dance session children learn to move with confidence, imagination and safety, with an awareness of space, themselves and others. They really enjoyed performing as they respond to the very engaging dance teacher (Brooke Laing). They benefit from the chance to express themselves in a really fun session"
- Ofsted report 26th March 2012

"My son has been enjoying Little Supernovas since he was two years old. Now, 5 he has graduated to Drama "club" and with Brooke's energy now creates his own magic with a performance at the end of term. Little Supernovas offers the gateway to the world of the imagination through Brooke's unique story telling, for all children. Whether an extrovert or a shy child who may need a little coaxing, Brooke makes sure everyone in her classes (occasionally even us parents) joins in the fun. Highly recommended."
- Parent SE19

"My daughter started just after she turned 3 and still goes now while at Reception. The class is truly magical and appeals to both sexes as they can be brave explorers or delicate princesses (or any other characters they want to adopt). Brooke captivates the class and goes with the flow of the children's own imaginations when they join in. She instinctively knows how to amuse and intrigue them. I would highly recommend the class."
- Parent N5

"We have been going to Little Supernovas for two years now. My older child started when she was 3. Her younger brother was outside but clawing at the window desperate to join in the fun, which he now has. The teacher, Brooke, is amazing and full of energy and inspiration. Each week she takes the children on a different imaginary journey, and includes the children's ideas in that journey. The class really helped my daughter increase her confidence, and now they both act out their own shows at home."
- Parent N5

"Little Supernovas is the most amazing group, I don't think there is anything else quite like it. My son is easily bored and often doesn't enjoy groups, but with Brooke he is captivated and completely engaged in the story, adding in bits from his own imagination. The combination of music, drama and creative story telling makes it a entirely immersive experience. When we get home he starts again and does his own stories with which we all join in!"
- Parent E3

"My oldest daughter has been attending Little Supernovas for nearly two years. She can't wait for each session and invariably comes home gushing about the adventure she has been on today. The class really is like nothing else out there and has made her a confident and imaginative young lady. I can't wait for my younger daughter to start!"
- Parent SE19

"There is nothing else out there like this, our nursery children were transfixed from the very start to the very end. We highly recommend little supernovas!"
- Team leader, pre-school class, Edinburgh

"Brooke is just amazing! She is prepared, professional, personable and an absolute charmer with the children. Brooke was essential on our wedding day, keeping 10 children of different ages, speaking different languages, entertained and engaged. All the parents had a great time and were highly impressed with her work. I personally enjoyed all the prep work with Brooke, her positive and friendly personality, and her flexibility. I highly recommend Brooke and Little Supernovas and will most certainly work with her in the future."
- Bride, W1T

"Wow Brooke is superb! She was amazing at my wedding keeping 15 children happy and entertained for two hours at what would have been a very dull reception for my younger guest. Her understand of what would work for the children of a big age range was incredible. Her choice in arts, crafts and prop making for the children was enchanting and I found many of my more mature guest trying to join in with all the glittering, gluing and colouring in too!"
- Bride, SE19


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   Issue 17 / April 2011


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