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Little Supernovas and Onceupona Children's Theatre perform action adventure stories through classes, shows, workshops, and holiday schools. Our theatre company Onceupona adapts and produces original and traditional tales to the youngest of audience to the oldest of audiences. Our stories are interactive as the children are encouraged to join us in the adventure.

With a little guidance along the way from adventuretellers Brooke and Hannah we believe that it is the children that are the main characters in the performance. Come and watch your child's imagination and confidence explode whilst being centre stage!
BBC fringe BBC fringe
The Scottish Storytelling Centre Edinburgh 2015. The Enchated Forest Adventure.

BBC fringe
The Enchanted Forest Adventure children taking part in the show.

Little Supernovas - Review by BroadwayBaby

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"Returning to this year's festival, Enchanted Forest Adventure is nothing short of delightful. Blending together storytelling, dance and improvisation alongside fantastic lighting and sound design, performer Brooke Laing and director Craig Conway have concocted the perfect show for young viewers."

"Taking us on a journey through the Enchanted Forest, Laing whisks up the entire audience into her world of make-believe. How else would we be able to give Ariel legs, make Bottom human once again, or defeat a wicked witch, other than through the imagination of children? For the majority of the show children are kept central to the action; they are led by Laing from scene to scene, enthusiastically riding invisible horses or using petals to undo curses."

"While the involvement of such young children (the suggested age range is from 3-8) might be a daunting prospect for some, Laing manages to make it seem effortless. The actress succeeds in shepherding her audience back on track whenever things begin to become too off-kilter, whilst simultaneously encouraging her shier viewers to join the fray. This is not to say that adults are ignored, with parents having the opportunity to become trees, be part of a rain dance, and fight for the right to reclaim their shoes."

"Visually the show uses intelligent sound and lighting design to full effect. While the stage is for the most part a blank canvas, shifts in the lighting help to convey important differences in tone which provides the piece with a truly magical atmosphere."

"One beautiful final moment, in which Laing creates a shimmering rainbow above the heads of children lying on the stage, helps bring the intention of the piece into sharp focus. While other shows may cater themselves specifically towards parents, Enchanted Forest Adventure cares deeply about creating a collaborative experience in which children can push the limits of their imagination."

"Without the use of overly complex sets, without a constant wink to her adult viewers, Laing brings fairytales to life with a rare deftness of touch. A show which can bring a rainbow indoors and take you under the sea, Enchanted Forest Adventure is a production that is sure to melt the hardest of hearts."

- Alexander Gillespie - BroadwayBaby

Little Supernovas - Review by Primary Times

"Brooke Laing mesmerises the children who become part of her show. They gallop through the forest hoping to help some magical characters along the way. Can they make shoes for the shoemaker? Help Cinderella gather up fabric from her dress? Will Bottom be saved from an asinine existence?"

"The Enchanted Forest Adventure is a truly interactive show. The children are involved from the beginning to the end. Ela-Rose, 5, said "I liked Ariel and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I liked joining in.""

"Brooke's gentle manner makes the children feel comfortable and at ease. George, 3, was shy and reluctant to join in at the beginning. By the end he was right in the middle of it and was keen to give Brooke a hug before he left. He "liked the bit when they were all sleeping.""
- Nadine Mery - Primary Times

Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Little Supernovas and sister company OnceuponaCTC are having a break this Edinburgh Fringe to focus all our efforts into our new show The Stolen Dragon Adventure which we look forward to previewing at the Edinburgh Fringe in the not so distant future. Follow us on Twitter @onceuponactc

Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and 2014

Here are some of our highlights of The Enchanted Forest at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 and 2015.

BBC fringe BBC fringe BBC fringe BBC fringe BBC fringe BBC fringe BBC Fringe BBC Fringe BBC Fringe BBC Fringe

Little Supernovas at Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Brooke Creative Director and Adventureteller Brooke Laing, performs and delights children in an interactive action-packed adventure through an enchanted forest where a miserable witch has been up to mischief. Can we save Bottom and his fairy tale friends from the witches spells before Big Ben chimes midnight or will we be trapped in the enchanted forest forever? Suitable for children aged 3-8 years old.

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BBC Pink Tent at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014

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BBC Tent BBC Tent

Come and join Brooke Laing telling interactive story tales at "BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals" Childrens pink tent on the 5th and 6th August 2014 at 2:30 - 3pm. No booking required, just come along with your little ones and be enchanted by some of today's modern children's stories and some classic traditional tales.

Extra date added by popular demand! Thursday 7th August - 3.45pm!

BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals
Corner of Marshall Street Potterow
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Zoo Venues

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Zoo Southside
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August 7th, 8th, 9th, 11am (50 min). 5 pounds per ticket.

Book tickets through:-
or call 0131 662 6892

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